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Velammal Yuva Kabaddi Series - Tamil Nadu Clubs, 2024


  1. Age: 23 years and below- Players who are born on or after 7th April 2001 will be eligible to participate in the tournament
  2. Weight: Players with weight up to 80kg will be allowed to participate in the tournament
  3. Players who have appeared in any professional Tournament or are employed with Railways, Services, ONGC and similar organisations will be allowed to participate in tournament only with a validly signed NOC from their employer, or any person they have entered into a contract with. The responsibility to ensure adherence here is with the Player
  4. Players will have to sign an undertaking for injuries and Covid related illness before the start of the tournament


  1. Weighing of players will be done in a transparent way in front of Jury. The session will be recorded.
  2. The Jury will consist of selected referees and one/two members from the organising committee
  3. It is compulsory for all team coaches/managers/assistant coaches to be present during the weighing process
  4. Any complaint regarding the weighing will only be considered if the Head coach/ Team manager is present during the weighing process
  5. The Weighing process will be done in a very strict manner- The weight limit of 80 Kgs will not be compromised for any reason
  6. Weighing of players maybe be done multiple times during the course of the tournament, at the discretion of organising committee
  7. Players can not play on the same day of Weighing- They will be allowed to play only the next day after the process is completed


  1. Minimum 10 players of both teams need to be present at the reporting time of every match and if any team fails to do the same, then the organising committee will take necessary action.
  2. If both teams fail to report to the mat as per the reporting time- the match shall be abandoned.
  3. If a match which is not part of play-offs ends in a tie at the end of 40 minutes both teams will be awarded equal points
  4. If a Summit Round match ends in a tie after 40 minutes of play, there will be an extra time section- 3 minutes of 2 halves with 1 minute of half time break
  5. The team which raided first in the match will start the raid in the Extra Time.
  6. The Extra Time will start with 7 players on the mat for both teams, both teams will get fresh 5 substitutions during the extra time, each team will get 1 timeout during the 6 minute extra time, teams will also get 1 minute of Coach Consultation time during the extra time
  7. If the extra time section also ends in a tie- the match will move on to a 5 raid format- where both teams need to pre decide the order of 5 raiders coming in to raid. The Baulk Line will be considered as Bonus line and no defenders will be deemed out of the mat.
  8. If the 5 raid format also ends in a tie- the match moves on to Golden Raid, there will be a toss for golden raid. Then the winner of the toss will get to choose Raid or Defend for the golden raid. If the golden raid also ends in a tie, the golden raid will continue until there is a result, but the teams will raid and defend alternatively until there is a result.
  9. In the Extra Time, the teams will have 1 unsuccessful review which can be carry forwarded to 5 Raid format and Golden Raid- if the review is retained, if the review is lost at any time there will not be any more reviews for the rest of the match
  10. Teams will have 1 unsuccessful review per match, successful reviews will carry forward till the end of the match. In the Summit round, there will be 1 unsuccessful review per half.
  11. Substitutions: There will be 5 substitutions that will be allowed during a match using a coin system
  12. Once the Substitution coins are exhausted only medical substitution will be allowed
  13. If Substitutions coins are remaining, Medical substitution will be done using the coins
  14. Each team will get 1 time out of 30 seconds each in the half, which can be used at anytime during the 15 minutes of each half
  15. The organisers reserve the right to modify/introduce/remove any rules during the course of the tournament and it will be intimated to the teams in advance
  16. All Matches will be of 40 minutes duration
  17. The match clock will be paused at referees whistle (outcome raids or any stoppage in play) in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half in all matches
  18. The match clock will be paused at referees whistle (outcome raids or any stoppage in play) in the last 30 seconds of the 1st half in all matches
  19. There will be 1 timeout per half in all matches- time outs will be exhausted at the end of the half and will not be carry forwarded


  1. Insults or inappropriate behaviour or threats of violence against a referee or another player will be seriously evaluated
  2. No foul play will be allowed during the tournament
  3. All players are requested to tuck in their t-shirts during the match
  4. The Referee decision will be final and no arguments will be encouraged
  5. No player will be allowed to take part in a match if there is no Jersey number printed on the Jersey
  6. Cards
    • Any Yellow Card during the match towards the players and coach will result in the 2 minute suspension of the respective player/coach who got the yellow card, during the 2 minute suspension period, the player will be considered as active on the mat.
    • Red card during a YKS match will deem the player ineligible to participate in the same match as well as the next match.
    • If there is a 2nd Red card in the Same tournament- the player/coach will be ineligible to further take part in the tournament
    • 3 Green Cards in the tournament to a player will result in 1 match Ban in the same tournament and also complete suspension from the match in which the 3rd card is issued.
    • 2 Yellow Cards in the tournament to a player will result in 1 match ban in the same tournament, and also complete suspension from the match in which the 2nd card is issued.
  7. Coach Consultation
    • Each Team will be allowed 2 minutes consultation Coach during the Match; wherein the Coach can guide the Teams without stoppage of play (“In-Play Coach Consultation”). The Match clock will continue during such consultations. The operating procedure for In-Play Coach Consultations will be as follows:
    • In-Play Coach Consultations may be availed by Teams only when their team is engaged in
    • Raid on the opponent Team. Such consultation would be allowed a time of 20 (twenty) seconds, or till when the raid is completed; whichever ends first.
    • The Coach desiring to provide In-Play Consultation to his Team will request the assistant scorer deployed on his side of the playing area for the same.
    • The assistant scorer will identify the immediately available opportunity that can be availed to satisfy the request for In-Play Consultation from the said Coach.
    • The assistant coach / Coach will identify a raid by the opponent Team during which the Coach desirous to provide the In-Play Consultation would be moved to a designated ‘Ready-to-Go’ spot near the ‘End-Line’ of his team’s playing half.
    • The Coach will be allowed to step to a designated ‘Coach Hot-Spot’ closer to his ‘EndLine’, as soon as the opponent’s raid is over (and his own Team’s raid starts). Nowthe Coach will have 20 (twenty) seconds to instruct his Team or till the end of his Team’s raid; whichever ends first. He must step back to the designated Ready-to-Go’ spot by the time the ongoing Raid by his own side gets over.
    • The consulting Coach will have to remain entirely within the ‘Coach Hot-Spot’ during his consultation. He will also have to finish his consultation within 20 (twenty) seconds or by the time his Team’s ongoing raid into the opponent’s half gets over; whichever gets over first
  8. When the struggle begins, the court shall include the lobbies during the struggle and after the struggle in the same raid. Players involved in the struggle can use the lobbies. If a raider enters the lobby before the struggle begins, the raider will be declared out (of bounds) and the raid will be over. Only in this situation in a match, defender(s) who follow the raider into the lobby will not be declared out (of bounds). However in the same raid, the defender shall be declared out only if his entire body is out of the court and no part of his body in contact with court, including the lobby area.


  1. The team which scores the highest number of points at the end of 40 minutes will be declared as the winner of the match
  2. A win with a score difference greater than 7 points will secure the winning team 6 (six) points and the losing team 0 (zero) points
  3. A win with a score difference less than or equal to 7 points will secure the winning team 5 (Five) points and the losing team 1 (one) point
  4. A Tie (non-knockout matches) will secure 3 points each for both teams


  1. Standings on the points table will be displayed as Points and will get sorted according to Points to define the position in the points table
  2. In case of a walkover situation, the team that reported will get 5 points and the match will be counted.
  3. The team that did not report to the match will get 0 points and the match will be counted
  4. First Tie Breaker: If there is a tie on the points table of points/ game between multiple teams in the points table, the win percentage for each team will be considered to break the tie
  5. Second tiebreaker will be : The Score Difference calculated as Score Difference of all teams in the Points table will be considered for computing the score difference value
  6. Third Tiebreaker: Total Score in tournament
  7. Fourth Tiebreaker: Toss


  1. There may be random Dope tests conducted during the tournament for players
  2. Players are expected to cooperate with the organisers for blood draws, urine samples, etc
  3. If any player is found guilty of Doping, the player will be banned for 3 years from participating in any YKS tournaments


The Match Referee and the Umpires shall have the power to warn, declare point against,temporarily suspend or to disqualify any Player or Team from the Match which commits any of the following violations or foul:

  1. Persistently protesting or objecting the Match Official’s decision, thereby disrupting the Match;
  2. Making abusive and derogatory remarks about the Match Officials and their actions, thereby trying to influence their decision;
  3. Showing overt aggression towards the Match Referee or umpire demanding a favourable decision;
  4. Stifle a raider by deliberately tackling him from his head, hair, neck, mouth or throat in any way;
  5. Violent tackling leading to injuries being sustained by the opponent raider;
  6. Taking more than 5 (five) seconds to start the raid unless specified in the Rules;
  7. Hold the raider with the help of scissors operated by legs
  8. Coaching from outside by the coaches and the Players
  9. Preventing the raider to take his turn of raid.

NOTE: In case of any protests on decision, you can file an official complaint to the jury by depositing INR 25000 and there will be a detailed investigation that will take place and the final decision will taken. If the protest is successful the team that filed the protest will get the deposit back.