Self Shiksha

Yuva Kabaddi Series (YKS) offers a platform for Kabaddi athletes nationwide, empowering them to unleash their prowess and vie for excellence. Yet, many talented players encounter limited avenues for career progression within the sport. And also limited opportunities for career growth in other sectors. To bridge this gap, we have partnered with Self Shiksha, spearheaded by Dr. Kushal Shah — an esteemed alumnus of IIT Madras and former faculty member at IIT Delhi. Through this collaboration, we're embarking on a transformative journey, harnessing the power of Data Science education.

Our initiative unfolds through a structured pathway: beginning with a foundational math assessment, we identify promising talents poised for growth. These individuals undergo rigorous training across various tiers of Data Science, tailored to their unique learning trajectories. Ultimately, our mission transcends the realm of sports, as we aspire to equip these athletes with skills that open doors to esteemed career opportunities, both within and beyond the sporting arena.


Kushal Shah is a seasoned data scientist with a robust specialization in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and a passion for education. Currently, he is a faculty member at Sitare University and serves as a visiting faculty at both BML Munjal University and Hero Vired. His extensive professional experience includes roles as Principal Data Scientist at VuNet and Elucidata, and academic positions at JNU, IIT Delhi, and IISER Bhopal. Kushal's academic journey began with a BTech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras, where he also earned his PhD in the same field. He further honed his expertise as a post-doctoral fellow at the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science.